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Copyright & Fair Use

Kirk Library complies with Centralia College Copyright Policies.

Copyright protects an author's rights by giving them the legal power to do with their works as they choose. They have the exclusive right to sell their work, make copies of it, make other works based on it, or display it in public. Copyright law, as it currently stands, is covered in Title 17 of the United States Code.

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Copyright Assistance

The Kirk Library provides resources and advice for faculty wishing to incorporate copyrighted sources into their classes (F2F, hybrid or online). You can always ask for a private consultation on fair use or to schedule an instruction session for your class, department, or research group.

Use the following forms to aid in determining legal use of copyrighted materials:

1) Fair Use Checklist

2) In addition to Fair Use, use this checklist for digital works: TEACH Act Checklist

Open Educational Resources

The Library encourages the use of Open Education Resources (OER) whenever possible.

Check out OPEN Washington, an Open Educational Resources (OER) network. This website is "dedicated to providing easy pathways for faculty to learn, find, use and apply OER."

You can license your own work for reuse!

Creative Commons has an easy CC widget generator that creates code for insertion into your online documents that then incorporates your chosen open license. (You can also simply include "'CC BY yourname" for an attribution-only license.)

Why share using an open license? Check out this Creative Commons presentation for an excellent overview. Creative Commons Logo.jpg